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MS:: Dietrich Barlow by burnsgraves MS:: Dietrich Barlow by burnsgraves
RP: skype | google docs | chatroom | notes [ ask me! ]


Name: Dietrich (pron. DEET-rikh) Barlow
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Nationality: German
D.O.B: November 9th ♏
Height: 6’6’’ / 199cm
Weight: 92 kg

Dietrich is an outwardly skittish and nervous person; it is the expression he wears all day, everyday, even if there seems to be nothing to actually be nervous about. He has a quiet, almost offstandish disposition about him, and an obvious lack of confidence and self-esteem. He insecure in himself and what he does, and wears his timid nature on his sleeve. As a result of this attitude, he is incredibly submissive and easy to manipulate with only a few words.

As mentioned, he either seems shy or offstandish/antisocial depending on the individual; but this is due to his wish to avoid the potential conflict and difficulties that come with interacting with others as much as possible, and not a result of actual shyness. As a consequence, Dietrich is lonely, and as much as he doesn’t want to be, he believes he deserves it. He avoids social situations as best he does, but when he gets caught, he is awkward and jumpy, more so than he already is. He does have the capacity to be kind and gentle, it is just more difficult for him as he does not trust himself.

Dietrich is not an open book in terms of his personal affairs. He finds prying to be extremely invasive, and clams up very tight when he feels uncomfortable, something easily achieved. He has put up walls all around him to protect himself from others, and vice versa. He finds it hard to trust others, just as hard as he finds it to trust himself. Because deep down, he knows he is possessive and has a buried propinquity with wrath. He is truly afraid of hurting someone again, and is even more afraid of that person being someone he cares for.

As much as Dietrich dislikes engaging with others, be it conflict or not, he cannot stand watching someone bully someone else. It triggers a kind of bitter regret inside of him, and even if it is for a moment, he cannot stand by. It is one of the only things Dietrich will do something about, and this bravery only lasts for a second, a fleeting moment, before he is back to his jittery self. This quirk extends towards people and animals, and reflects his loathing of physical and emotional confrontation.

In short, Dietrich is an incredibly insecure person. He is rather introverted in regards to social situations, and has many walls protecting himself that must be pulled down one by one before he is able to be easily read. He has minimal resolve, unless it comes to shielding someone from the cruelty of others.

Dietrich was born in Hannover to a couple whom had worked hard to create a comfortable life for themselves and their future children. It was evident growing up that his parents wished to have more children, but after having Dietrich and the difficulties that came with his birth, it began to become clear that Dietrich would be their only child. And so, during his early childhood, Dietrich was raised with the kind of smothering love and kindness one could expect from a loving couple. He led an ordinary life, attending an ordinary school and doing ordinary things that a child would do.

At the age of nine, he and his parents went out to the country for a forest hiking day out, something they did often, and so it too was perfectly ordinary. Except when their tour through the thick and vast woods went into the evening, and the child was separated from his parents. Dietrich, alone and scared, found his way back to the family car. His parents did not.

Hikers found Dietrich sitting alone beside his car, and a search was called. Days passed, and then it had been a week. Speculations began to swell as hope began to fade away, slowly yet surely. Some thought that Dietrich’s parents must have fallen from a cliff. Some thought they just got lost, and must have perished from starvation. Some wondered beneath their breath if they left their son on purpose. But no answers were found, and soon the focus turned on Dietrich. What would happen to a child whose parents were never found, and presumed dead? With no living family known, there was only one option for the young boy.

Dietrich spent only a few weeks in the orphanage he had been shunted into when a friendly and affluent English couple came to adopt him. They heard the story from the orphanage owners, and they did not hesitate. It turns out this couple also had wanted a family, yet could not, and decided the best way was to adopt an orphan, after they had moved countries for a fresh start. Papers were signed, and soon Dietrich was not who he was before.

His new parents moved him away from his hometown, and soon he started school again, and soon he was an ordinary boy again. Mostly.

As Dietrich grew up, it became apparent that he might have been more affected by the events of his past than was once thought. He grew into a tall boy, and he towered over his peers. He fell into a group of bullies, whom used intimidation as a way to escape their own turmoils. Whatever reason they had, they kept to themselves, because really who cared? They all had a common goal, and that was to make everyone else suffer. Dietrich released his anger and conflicting feelings about his identity onto others, and the feeling of power it gave him was what kept him going.

He grew and he stayed with that group of friends even with the transfer from elementary to high school. The boys were bigger and stronger and more violent with their words and with their pushing and shoving, and still, it was exhilarating and it was relieving. Dietrich did not notice it, really. He was taller than them all, and he was intimidating and mean. It did not matter.

Except for when one day, it did. Perhaps Dietrich didn’t realise it, but some people are easier to break than others. Because one day, upon arriving at school, there were red and blue lights and sirens and men in uniforms, far more intimidating than him, a stupid boy. It turned out that one of the girls Dietrich and his group of ‘friends’ had bullied relentlessly had committed suicide the night before. Dietrich remembered how he would tower over her, and how he could easily push her with his big broad hands. He was only sixteen, but he had broken someone. To the point that they couldn’t be fixed.

Essentially, he had killed someone. And his words, his hands, his body were the weapons with which he did it.

Of course, they got into an immense amount of trouble. Of course, his parents were disappointed, and sad, and they fought with themselves and him. They asked him why, and they wondered what they could do. But no-one was more distraught than Dietrich himself. Because he finally was not confused about who he was. He knew it now. He was a monster.

Dietrich’s personality took a complete turn on its head. Perhaps it wasn’t a turn exactly; perhaps it was a revealing of what he truly was. And he could not stay where he was. He made the decision to move away to complete his schooling at Gymnasium level, and it turned out he was heading back to the city where he was born. His parents let him go when he explained why he had to do it; escape being the main reason. They assured him that they still, and always would, love him. He didn’t believe them, really. They found him an apartment, and a good school for him to attend, and so he moved away to start again.


Magical Name: Super Soldier Ashen Ward
Colour: Ash white (#fbfbfb)
Quote: “Ashen Ward, Aktivieren!”
Stellar Power: 2

Heart Gem:
Mother’s Wooden Rosary
↳ This old rosary is one of the only physical items Dietrich managed to keep to remember his biological parents by, in particular, his mother. She was a woman of faith, and often kept this cross and its matching rosary beads close by her; this little constitution always stuck with Dietrich. Years on, Dietrich wears it upon his neck always, even if the wooden beads have fallen off and the wooden is worn and splintered.
Nyphedrea learnt about its meaning to Dietrich after a while, and so when the time came, that was where she placed his heart gem.

Nyphedrea (pron. Nif-ed-ree-uh) | Albino tree snake → Albino boa constrictor → Basilisk | ♀

↳ Bio:
Nyphedrea is a frivolous, headstrong and bold Angelus, with a natural curiosity with oftentimes sees her get into trouble. She has plenty of sass and diva attitude to spend on those who deserve it, but of course, is not an unfriendly soul. She is very social, although is a tad competitive and independent. She is also persistent and consistent, with a will that rarely gives in or gives up. As much as she loves to be on the constant go, she is a good listener (most of the time), and has plenty of love to spend freely.

Her one serious passion is fashion, and it is one thing that can make her go wild. She loves it with all her heart, and it is something she can quite lose herself in. First impressions mean a lot to her, and she mostly gains these impressions from what one wears and how they wear it; unfortunately, she is judgemental this way.

Nyphedrea led a very comfortable and relaxed life in Angellion as an entertainer and fashionista, mostly in creating fine jewellery and other pieces for fellow Angeluses who preferred to look their best during their day to day lives. he spent her days on her fashion work, as well as being one of the more well-known social butterflies within Angellion. Really, Nyphedrea had no major upheavals in her extravagant lifestyle, where she would spend her days hosting social gatherings and working on her latest fashion ideas. She was popular and many adored her work, and really, how could anything go wrong?

↳ Encounter:
Nyphedrea landed on Earth close to the present day, perhaps only wandering around for a good month or two. Her initial impression of Earth was unimpressive to say the least. It was dirty, crowded and often times simply not beautiful or idyllic, like her life back home in Angellion had been. Being the social butterfly she was, Nyphedrea tried to contact certain people whom she thought could help her… mostly people who were dressed nicely, or looked more affluent than others. Turns out, not many people appreciate being anywhere near a snake, let allow talking to one. Nyphedrea learned to keep out of sight, more or less.

But really, if Nyphedrea was anything, she was stubbornly persistent. She needed help, and for love of the Head Mistress, she wasn’t going to back down.

One particular day, she had tried to get in touch with a group of flashy teenaged girls, whom were dressed, in Nyphedrea’s opinion, rather swimmingly. She dropped from her hiding place in a nearby tree (which turned out to be in a park in a certain city), and slithered over. Before she could even think about flicking her tongue at them, the girls freaked out, and rather than running away like most people, they tried to kill the little white snake… mostly by using their high heels as pikes to try and skewer Nyphedrea’s body.

It was hopeless! It took everything Nyphedrea had to avoid being stepped on, or whacked by a handbag, let alone get away! She didn’t quite see it, but soon she felt a hand enclose her scaled body, and she thought she was going to be thrown, or crushed. Instead, a male voice is what she heard. Something about ‘pet snake’ (he didn’t sound very convincing to her) and a multitude of ‘sorry’s. The girls must of left in a huff, because soon it was just the two of them near that tree in the park; Nyphedrea coiled tightly around the boy’s wrist, and the boy in question not saying a word. She flicked her tongue and looked at him in curiosity. It turned out he had been sitting under that very tree she had dropped from, and had seen the whole thing. She knew that, because she had seen him, but had promptly ignored him… mostly because his clothing was poorly coordinated. He did not look like anything special to her, but he was the first human ever to, well, not run screaming when he saw her.

He must have still been thinking about what to do with her, because he hadn’t moved. She could feel his rapid pulse under her cold skin, and she realised that he actually was afraid. She looked over his scared face, his old tatty clothes, his awkward composure. Was this really the person she wanted to help her? She took a long, deep breath.

Well... she did love a good challenge, after all.

↳ Present:
It took a while for the two of them to become accustomed to one another. They did, as it turned out, have rather opposing personalities. Nyphedrea would not let him slip away from her, however. She knew that he had the potential she needed, and after a long while of getting to know each other better and better with each passing day, and with Dietrich finally lowering his walls for her, she put to him the idea of becoming a Super Soldier. Due to Dietrich's submissive nature, it was all too easy for her to get him to exchange hearts with her.

Since then, their relationship has been fairly the same, with Dietrich having mixed feelings about the alien snake. With the way she acts, he sees her as a kind of big sister figure, however he is also a little scared of her. He'll do whatever she says, because of this fact. They are not inseparable, as Nyphedrea would prefer to go where she wants when she wants, but they can be seen together a lot because she uses Dietrich as a vehicle in that regard.

↳ Name: Dritte Auge
↳ Type: Circlet + gemstone
↳ Description: Dritte Auge is a non-offensive/physical weapon, as it simply serves as a complete manifestation of Stellar Power. It is used to concentrate SP into magic attacks that Dietrich can use, similar to, say, a wizard’s wand. In its infant form (current), ease of use and amount of power is limited.
Dietrich is not very proficient with it presently, because he was been rather reluctant to practice. It takes a lot of concentration to use it at its fullest, and so far, using it too much or exerting himself too soon causes headaches, nausea and nosebleeds.

Move I:
↳ Name: Aufsaugen
↳ Description: A shield comprised of Dietrich’s Stellar Power. It is a forcefield that he can summon temporarily to deflect and absorb SP from the energy of the attack. The amount depends on how long the attack lasts and how much magic energy is in the attack (for example, blocking physical blows will absorb next to no SP). It is also more effective in short bursts. In it’s current form, absorption of SP is low, Dietrich can only use it on one person at a time, and he can’t keep the shield up for very long.

Move II:
↳ Name: Erschütterung
↳ Description: LOCKED


☛ Birth name: Dietrich Grünewald. This was of course legally changed when he was adopted.
☛ He has a terrible stutter. It worsens when attention is drawn to it.
☛ Thoroughly enjoys exercise, especially running. Is in very good shape.
☛ Is very interested in languages. Whilst he learnt English because he had to (because of his adoptive parents), he realised he liked being able to switch between languages. He is currently learning French and wants to learn a Middle-Eastern language after that. He also knows sign language.
☛ Dietrch doesn't like nicknames much. He is more likely to call someone by their full name, even if they are more known by their nickname.
☛ Since meeting Nyphedrea, his wardrobe has undergone a complete overhaul. All his old clothes have been thrown out, and replaced with new ones that Nyphedrea forced him to buy.
☛ His favourite colour is blue.
☛ His hair is bleached, as a part of his attempt to leave his old self behind. His natural hair colour is dark brown.
☛ Is actually quite intelligent (which is why he managed to get into a Gymnasium level school), but he held himself back greatly during most of his life.
☛ Nyphedrea is usually coiled somewhere around Dietrich’s body, most often his neck or arms. She can stay hidden this way, and can travel anywhere with him (even to school, which she usually does). Luckily, Dietrich has never been ticklish.
☛ He is the kind of person to keep apologising, even if he hasn't done anything wrong... and even persists when told to stop.
☛ The red sash on Dietrich's uniform represents a snake coiling around his body: an unintentional addition made by Nyphedrea as it shows how she has Dietrich in her grasp.


Character Themes:



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Other than that, there's only one thing I want to point out! I'm sure it's probably a typo, but between his visual app and his bio his name changed between 'White Ward' and 'Ashen Ward'. Either of those is fine!! But I just wanted to remind you in case you had missed it! (I know I miss things like that a lot.)

That's it!! I am very much looking forward to meeting and RPing with your boy!! :iconchiepokerplz: i want to be his friend
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