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POK:: Koyanagi, Madoka by burnsgraves POK:: Koyanagi, Madoka by burnsgraves

Name: Koyanagi, Madoka
Highschool/Team: Narumi Nishi
Age: 15
D.O.B: February 28th ♓
Blood Type: A-
Gender: Male
Height: 175cm | 5’8’’
Year: I

Position: Middle Blocker
Number: 11

Power: ●○○○○ (1/5)
Jumping: ●●●●● (5/5)
Stamina: ○○○○○ (0/5)
Game Sense: ●●○○○ (2/5)
Technique: ●●●○○ (3/5)
Speed: ●●●●○ (4/5)

Total: (15/30)

Specializes: Defense

Play Style: In the thick of a match, Madoka is a quiet player who can pick up cues and signals easily, and can assimilate with his teammates almost seamlessly - though this skill relies on him knowing his teammates outside of the sport. He is also capable of mimicking moves he sees from other players, however this skill is rather untapped due to lack of initative. He is someone who stays out of the spotlight, and works in the background to carry out tactics, help his team score points and boost morale. He is not suited for long, drawn-out matches. As a player he is strong at blocking, receiving and is very agile, however he is lacking in stamina, is poor at serving and is not suited to aggressive positions or making decisions on his own.

friendly | naive | idealistic | eager to please | prone to early burnouts | follower | gullible | emotional | impressionable | sensitive | devoted | self-conscious | avoids social conflict | lacks initiative

Madoka has always been a friendly person who sees life through rose-coloured glasses, making him a naive, idealistic person. He tends to get along with people easily as he prefers to accommodate to other people’s needs before his own. He is a people pleaser, and puts 100% into any tasks entrusted to him by others - however this means he is prone to early burn outs as he isn’t good at pacing himself. He works best when given instructions, which makes him much more of a follower rather than a leader, also meaning he tends to rely heavily on others. He has a lack of self-control, and is easy to fool as he tends to be forgetful.

Madoka is a rather emotional, impressionable and empathetic boy. He gets attached easily, is sensitive and is an over-thinker; however because he has an active mind, he remembers (and cares for) small details quite easily. He takes promises very seriously, and is afraid of hurting people, especially those he is closest to. He is faithful to a fault, and devoted to his friends and his pursuits. He is self-conscious, quick to blame himself before others, and gets depressed and lonely easily because of this. He also tends to avoid social confrontations until the last possible minute, and will rarely be seen jumping into the thick of social conflicts. As much as he hates it, he is a coward when it comes to his personal relationships, and thus lacks initiative.

✔ video games
BL shhhhhh
✔ competing/working in teams
✔ sweet pastries, seafood, chocolate milk, M&Ms, any bento boxes made for him, salty snacks
✔ visiting people’s homes
✔ clothes with animal ear hoods
✔ vending machines
✔ snow
✔ texting his friends
✔ fortune telling
✔ small animals
✔ Minoru, Michi & Mamoru

✗ pork (it makes him feel sick)
✗ tight clothing
✗ closed in spaces
✗ alarm clocks
✗ gore and horror (he is particularly squeamish when it comes to eye horror)
✗ people touching his ears
✗ having to lie/hide things
✗ his sisters’ snooping habits
✗ social conflict/fights
✗ waiting for new releases

Madoka was born into an ordinary family, and lives with his mother, father and twin sisters who are in elementary school. It’s safe to say his early school life was extra ordinary, and it passed by without much occurrence. As he grew, he passed his time with art clubs and the like, only joining because his friends did, and it was only later that he realised he lacked a certain passion that everyone else had.

It was when he entered junior high that he met Minoru, and the two became fast friends. It was he who introduced Madoka to volleyball, and much like before, he entered the school’s volleyball program with his friend, keen to have fun above all else. He ended up taking the sport less seriously than others, and he enjoyed it because he made several friends with whom he became very close.

Towards the end of junior high, Madoka came to the realisation that he and his friends would all be attending different high schools, meaning their group would be split until the end of high school. This naturally devastated Madoka, who had found joy in playing volleyball with his friends. Hence he and his friends made a promise to play volleyball even if they were on different teams, so they could meet on the court once more.

[ Ito, Seiji - Team Captain ] Madoka admires him as a captain, and is keen to impress him. He has Madoka’s respect almost automatically, however Madoka feels nervous at the prospect of talking to him, and wishes to become a stronger player for the captain’s approval.

[ Minoru, Michi & Mamoru - Best Friends ] Madoka's friends whom he met in junior high, and the people he looks up to the most. He became the player he is today because of them, and terribly misses seeing them everyday. 

[ Konoe, Kokoa - Neighbour, Childhood Friend ] Madoka's neighbour who he has known for the longest time. He views her as an older sister with whom he can confide in. He loves the bento she makes him, no matter how much she may insist they aren't that great.

Additional Info:
✩ He takes volleyball much more seriously now that he is in high school, and trains more often than he used to. Due to his lack of training previously, he lacks strength and stamina in particular.
✩ Likes solving disputes with rock-paper-scissors. Disclaimer; he always uses scissors.
✩ Has a pet hamster named Donut (Donatsu).
✩ Prefers to buy clothes a few sizes bigger than he actually needs.
✩ Wants to learn English fluently, but is terrible at it.
✩ His friendship bracelet was made by Michi. It has a purple band and blue flower beads (he'll specifically say they are forget-me-nots).
✩ He has developed several nervous habits which include - yet are not limited to - biting his nails, biting his lips and plucking his eyelashes.
✩ Tends to stay up very late. Usually not studying.
✩ Has a bike but prefers to walk to school.
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sheepSODA Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2014

also why not call the hamster donyatsu //WINKS CUZ IDK IF YOU GET REF
Galember Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
bby you are my only one
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isndijdodkd he's so adorable ;o;

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ellenic Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hi there fellow naruminishi :3
omg he got curly hair like hiro xD
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Calyp-so Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
oh my god he is looking so adoreable q v q i absolutely love his hair
and he looks like such an amazing guy >.< ahh great work
with this guy q v q <33 //clings on him :iconlazyblush2plz: 
burnsgraves Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
oh my gosh thank you so much! hes my babyyyy
ahaha i quite enjoy his hair too
im glad you like him!!! (i just hope the mods do too weepsu)
belhest Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
i wanted to comment on his actual personality but all i can think about is kaname madoka Nice! his bracelet sounds (and looks) really cute though aaa /)(\
burnsgraves Featured By Owner Edited Aug 20, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
i mean hes totally a part time magical girl, have you seen that colour palette
haseos Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2014
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I have so much headcanons for these nerds I can't wait to talk about them //wheezes
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